Why Trust Us

Gone Natural offers some of the best CBD products. Customer service and quality products are of utmost importance with the Cathey’s. We will not compromise on either oils or topical CBD, or our exceptional customer service. This fact, combined with our company’s personal customer service, sets us apart from other CBD providers.

After working in the operating room for over twenty-five years Allen found himself on the other side of the table. After three back surgeries and one more looming, he was looking for an alternative for pain control and basic daily comfort verses, the opioids being prescribed. Tennille did some initial research and ordered some CBD hoping Allen would give it a try. After several months of increasing relief and decreasing utilization of pain medications he thought this generic CBD concoction was something to remedy his pain. But, after more time passed the relief he felt, stopped. So Allen went on a search for the best processed, all-natural organic CBD combinations. His research led him to CBD Oils, now sold through Gone Natural. He began using the oil and topical with very positive results. He felt better again while experiencing even more pain control. After telling friends, family and others of his experience with organic all-natural hemp CBD oil and salves, Gone Natural was born.

When you purchase CBD oils and topical from Gone Natural, you will not only receive some of the best product on the market but also have an advocate within the company who will personally help you figure out the best regimen to meet your needs. After purchasing your first product, you can expect a follow-up call from Allen within five-to-ten days. He will ask questions, make assessments and utilize your answers to assist in reaching your desired outcomes, with the least amount of waste as possible. Gone Natural not only sells you a product and hopes for the best, but we sell you the product and the service that goes along with it.

Gone Natural is partnered with the top hemp-related processors in the United States, combined with a network of farms strictly adhering to the guidelines of the 2014 and 2018 US Farm Bills section 7606 which federally legalized the cultivation of United States registered industrial hemp under specific conditions.

CBD oil has worked wonders for people everywhere.