How to Use It

People use Gone Natural's topical and CBD Oils for various reasons. Many people are in search of an all-natural alternative to prescription drugs for many ailments and illnesses.

Dosing varies depending on the desired result you are seeking and considering your specific need. Dosing is relevant to pain and inflammation relief, Instructions on a bottle of Gone Natural's CBD Oils suggests 1-3 drops each use.

It is best to begin with smaller doses and increase gradually until you feel comfortable with its effect. Contributing factors to consider as it relates to dosing are the condition you are treating, body weight and chemistry and the concentrated amount of CBD contained in the product.

Federal Law mandates as long as CBD oils and topical contain less than 0.3 percent THC, it is legal to buy, ship and use. Gone Natural's CBD Oils and topical meet all federal laws and requirements. Every state carries its own laws regarding hemp products, to include CBD Oil. Please check your state law.

CBD can interfere with some pharmaceutical drugs. It is important to check with your doctor first before using Gone Natural's topical and CBD Oil.

CBD oil has worked wonders for people everywhere.