About Us

Gone Natural was founded by Allen and Tennille Cathey. Prior to establishing this family-owned business, Allen and his wife together have amassed over forty years in the Medical Industry. Both Allen and Tennille are also life-long horse enthusiasts and are involved in a research study with twenty equines in Mexico to measure the effects and benefits Gone Natural Equine topical has on horses.

Allen worked as a paramedic with EMS, a surgical assistant, ultimately becoming a cardiovascular assistant. After retiring he spent two years working as an Equine Anesthesia Tech. This exposed him to experience and knowledge about drug profiles used in Equine.

Allen was already using CBD Oils personally to assist with pain and overall wellness. He had suffered an injury, leading to back surgery and was tired of taking pharmaceutical opioids for pain relief. His wife had researched the benefits of CBD oils, so Allen went on a search for the best processed, all-natural organic CBD combinations.

The two attended a horse show some time ago, where one of their trainers asked if Allen and Tennille knew of anything that would help with one of his show horses who was experiencing soreness across his withers. Since the topical had worked so well for Allen’s pain, he thought it was worth a shot to try on this horse. CBD topical salve was applied to the affected area on the horse. He was blanketed and within several hours the swelling had noticeably decreased, and the horse was no longer tender to the touch.

It is during this time the Gone Natural family became very familiar with the various properties, and effectiveness of the many benefits hemp CBD oil and topical offers equine.

After the amazing results realized with this horse and pain relief with CBD, the couple developed an equine line bringing Gone Natural up and ready with a new product, specifically designed for horses.

Gone Natural hemp CBD oil

While Gone Natural was the brainchild of Allen Cathey, its development resulted not only from his personal experience but feedback offered by experienced businessmen and horsemen. All of whom required a safe; all-natural effective pain remedy.

Gone Natural products are manufactured in Colorado and other hemp farms across the United States where only the highest-quality plants and processes are used. The facility maintains a complete inventory of merchandise. Once you place an order, Gone Natural can generally fill requests immediately from stock on hand, and ship it to your door via US Postal Service anywhere in the United States.

This versatile, all-natural product, combined with its safe and effective organic ingredients, has numerous uses and offers many wellness benefits.

Let Gone Natural assist you today in becoming a happier and healthier you. Call now at (940)372-5616. We are excited to discuss the many benefits and explain any questions or concerns you may have.

CBD oil has worked wonders for people everywhere.